Dragonglass for iOS

Since approval from the App Store is a notoriously long and difficult process, we introduce a fully functional Dragonglass app via Apple’s TestFlight. This allows iPhone users to fully immerse into the Dragonglass gamified mining experience and provide us feedback to make sure Dragonglass is flawless.

To participate in TestFlight:

1. Click the link https://goo.gl/forms/n1OzROvxdLTPJwyl1 enter your name, last name, your Apple ID (an email address associated with your Apple account)

2. Get the TestFlight app – go to TestFlight for iOS (https://developer.apple.com/testflight/) or visit the App Store and download it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/testflight/id899247664

3. Receive TestFlight invitation email (it may take up to 24 hours before you get approved), click the link to participate

4. Tap Start Testing in TestFlight, tap Accept, Install or Update

5. Start playing, mining and earning