Basic questions about Dragonglass
What is Dragonglass?

Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game. It provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone. Besides being fun and engaging, Dragonglass is also powerful: by using hybrid mining technology, it is thousands of times more efficient than traditional cryptocurrency mining methods used to mine such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin.

Dragonglass is a mineable cryptocurrency and utility token. It is an ERC-20 standard digital token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main features of Dragonglass are its ease of use, affordability and mining efficiency.

To learn how the Dragonglass mining works, read: Q: How does the process of Dragonglass mining look like?

Dragonglass is mined by playing a mobile game. Is it a real cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, then?

Yes, it is fully functional ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency, operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the purpose of Dragonglass?

Dragonglass was created with the purpose of bringing cryptocurrency mining to the general public. Before Dragonglass, there was no simple and affordable way to mine cryptocurrencies. We strongly believe that cryptocurrency mining will be widely adopted only after the process of mining becomes simple and affordable. Better still: fun and engaging. We also believe it is high time for the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general to head toward a more decentralized and democratic future so everyone can reap its benefits.

Who founded Dragonglass?

Dragonglass was founded by two software engineers – Gleb Skibitsky, an 18-year old programmer from Vilnius, Lithuania and Mart Lume, former employee #1 at the world-famous productivity software company Slack. The project is currently being developed by 13 additional team members and 5 advisors.

How Dragonglass is different from other ICOs

The vast majority of ICOs offer nothing more, but mere promises before crowdfunding their projects. While investing in such ICOs you can’t be sure if these promises will be kept – a technological solution laid in whitepaper might not work in practice, a team behind project’s development might be incompetent, there might be unaddressed legal issues that will come to haunt such a project in the future.

Unlike the vast majority of ICOs/TGEs today, the Dragonglass team has beforehand proven that they are capable of delivering what was promised. Dragonglass has already implemented a novel crypto-mining solution, developed working products (Dragonglass app) and launched a physical Ethereum mining farm. More great things are coming. Stay tuned!

How is Dragonglass different from other mineable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Mining Dragonglass is much more simple, fun and affordable. Unlike Bitcoin or other traditional cryptocurrencies, you don’t need no advanced knowledge of sophisticated mining methods or expensive hardware to mine it. You can mine Dragonglass simply by playing a mobile game.

How does Dragonglass work? Is this some kind of black/white magic?

Not really. It’s all math. See Q: What happens when I play the game? for a simple explanation. For more detailed and technical one see the section How the Dragonglass tokens are mined?” in our whitepaper.

Do I need to have a powerful smartphone to mine Dragonglass?

Dragonglass mining doesn’t rely on computing power of users’ devices. Our mining method is completely different to traditional cryptocurrency mining. Dragonglass is mined by transacting (sending) tokens, not by using your phone’s CPU. This method doesn’t stress your phone’s/tablet’s hardware.

You can mine Dragonglass with any Android smartphone that’s capable enough to run a little 2D mobile game. Also you can already mine using iOS!

If a smartphone is enough to mine Dragonglass, why build a physical cryptocurrency mining rig?

We’ve built a cryptocurrency mining farm to mine ETH, used for Dragonglass transaction fees. This makes Dragonglass mining a more self-sufficient and independent process.

Is Dragonglass secure?

It is! Dragonglass is based on blockchain and the key to any cryptocurrency blockchain’s security is that any changes made to the database are immediately sent to all users to create a secure, established record. With copies of the data in all users’ hands, the database remains safe even if some users are compromised. It is so secure that the Pentagon’s cyber security experts believe the blockchain technology might be used as a cybersecurity shield to dramatically improve military security and prevent even the most severe cyber threats.

How Dragonglass is different from traditional cryptocurrency mining?

Traditional cryptocurrency mining usually requires extensive mining expertise, extremely expensive mining hardware and even programming skills. Dragonglass mining happens while you play a game. It is so fun and simple, even your mom can (and will probably) mine it.

What is the state of Dragonglass project?

As of today (10/02/2017) we have:

  • Developed and tested DGS token with smart contract functionality
  • Developed fully functional Dragonglass app for both Android and iOS
  • Launched a Dragonglass mining farm, which is already mining ETH for future Dragonglass transactions
  • LAUNCHED OUR TOKEN SALE (ICO). Head down to https://tge.dragonglass.com
Are you guys in this just for the money?

Not at all. Besides in believing that our project will make crypto more accessible to the general public, we are also strong believers in the principle of giving back to the community. Because of this we will fulfil our goal to donate 5% of the total Dragonglass supply to support different causes, especially focusing on tech education and supporting blockchain community development.

Questions about Dragonglass app
What is the Dragonglass app?

Dragonglass app is used to import your private wallet with Dragonglass tokens and mine Dragonglass tokens by playing a mobile game. The app is available free of charge on Google Play. Also we have an iOS version!

Download the app on Google Play


How much does the app cost?

The app is free. All you need to do is to load it with Dragonglass (DGS) tokens and some Ethereum.

Can I mine other cryptocurrencies with the Dragonglass app?

No, with Dragonglass app you can only mine DGS tokens.

Is Dragonglass app secure?

It is. Our software engineers worked day and night to develop the Dragonglass app as secure as it gets.

What is Dragonglass Miner game?

It’s a fun and fast-paced game inside the Dragonglass app about digging deep under the surface of the Earth, mining Dragonglass and avoiding obstacles in your way.

What are the system requirements for the game?

Any modern Android device should do. However, in case, you want to get technical, the minimum requirements:

OS: Android 4.4 or later
CPU: ARMv7 CPU with NEON support or Atom CPU
GPU: With OpenGL ES 2.0 support

What is the purpose of the game?

The Dragonglass Miner game was created to make Dragonglass token mining simple and exciting so everyone can mine cryptocurrency.

What happens when I play the game?

While you are having fun playing the game, the Dragonglass app makes seamless cryptocurrency transactions and multiplies your Dragonglass tokens. You’ll be guiding a miner through rocks and gravel deeper and deeper underground. The deeper you go, the more levels you complete. Each successfully completed level multiplies your initial Dragonglass tokens. So if you’ve originally had 1 Dragonglass token (DGS) before starting the game, after 10 successfully completed levels you will have 11 DGS tokens (1 DGS that you’ve bought + 10 DGS mined).

Does it mean I can earn just by playing the game?

Every time you successfully complete a level of the game, your Dragonglass tokens multiply. The more tokens you have at the beginning, the more you’ll have after each completed level. And yes, every time the value of Dragonglass cryptocurrency rises, the more you’ll earn.

But... Do I have to play it?

In case you are the type who hates fun, then obviously no. Since the Dragonglass Miner game doesn’t use your smartphone’s resources, and your Dragonglass tokens multiply just by playing it, we don’t see any reasons not to.

Is it possible to mine Dragonglass without playing the game?

It is, although the process is less exciting and more technical. Mining outside the game is performed by making DGS transactions to oneself. The transaction fees are paid in ETH.

Is it possible to complete the game?

The game is endless. The first 10 levels are designed by us, the rest are randomly generated each time.

Does it mean I can mine infinite amount of Dragonglass?

No, there’s a 10x mining limit to the initial amount of Dragonglass you’ve bought. So if you’ve originally had 1 Dragonglass token (DGS) before starting the game, after 10 successfully completed levels you can earn a maximum of 11 DGS tokens (1 DGS that you’ve bought + 10 DGS mined).

Can I win the game?

If by winning you mean earning cryptocurrency, then hell yes!

What happens if I don‘t complete a level successfully?

You will have to try again. Your tokens multiply only when the level is completed successfully.

Is this an early version of the game?

The game is complete, tested and working. It definitely isn’t an early bug-ridden alpha version.

Questions about Dragonglass tokens (DGS)
Ok, you have my interest. Where do I start?

You should visit https://tge.dragonglass.com and buy DGS tokens by sending ETH from your personal Ethereum wallet to Dragonglass TGE smart contract address

Download the Dragonglass app for your iPhone https://dragonglass.com/dragonglass-for-ios/ or Android smartphone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Dragonglass.DragonglassApplication and start mining while playing the mobile game right away! Sounds pretty easy? It is!

To learn how the Dragonglass mining works step by step, read: Q: How does the process of Dragonglass mining look like?

How much are you planning to raise during Dragonglass TGE?

30,000 ETH

What is conversion rate from ETH to DGS tokens?

1 DGS = 0.000027 ETH

How can I get Dragonglass tokens?

You can buy the tokens with ETH. But don’t use exchange accounts or ledger nano or trezor, because you can’t export your private key.

We recommend using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Can I buy Dragonglass without using the starter path?

Yes, you can send ETH from your Ethereum wallet to Dragonglass smart contract address. The minimum amount is 0.05 ETH.

How does the process of Dragonglass mining look like?
  1. User sends Ethereum tokens (a minimum amount of 0.05 ETH) to the Dragonglass TGE contract in order to buy X amount of DGS tokens.
  2. Dragonglass TGE smart contract triggers a transfer of X amount of DGS tokens (only possible when buying DGS tokens during the Dragonglass TGE) to the user (user is allowed to mine X * 10 DGS).
  3. User imports his personal wallet with the received DGS tokens into the Dragonglass app.
  4. User launches the Dragonglass miner game and starts playing.
  5. Successfully completed level of the game triggers a DGS token transfer event.
  6. Mining logic is triggered in smart contract and 50% of the user’s DGS balance is sent to oneself.
  7. Mining logic in smart contract calculates how many tokens can be mined based on transaction value and user balance/stake.
  8. Process of checking, if user is allowed to mine specific amount (10x limit) of DGS, ensues.
  9. If user is allowed to mine the amount, transaction fee (gas) is paid in ETH (DGS is an ERC20 standard token based on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum VM (EVM, Ethereum Virtual Machine) requires some gas to be paid in order to execute smart contract code).
  10. Transaction is made.
  11. New tokens are generated and added to the balance of the user.
With what cryptocurrencies can I buy Dragonglass tokens?

You can buy Dragonglass tokens with Ethereum (ETH).

How much bonus will I get if I start early?

We offer no bonus.

Why should I buy it now?

As with most other solid cryptocurrencies, this might be the only opportunity to buy Dragonglass at its lowest price. Another reason why you should consider buying Dragonglass early is that during the Dragonglass TGE, the price of DGS token will be pegged to ETH price by the rate of 1 DGS:0.000027 ETH. The higher the price of Ethereum, the higher the price of DGS.

How much Dragonglass will be distributed?

A total amount of 1,111,111,111 Dragonglass tokens will be distributed.

How much Dragonglass can be mined in total?

10x all distributed tokens.

What is the minimum amount of contribution?

0.05 ETH

Is there a limit on how much Dragonglass I can buy without identifying myself?

You can buy up to 20 ETH worth of Dragonglass.

What can I do with Dragonglass tokens?

You will be able to use mined Dragonglass in other other Dragonglass games, send it to other people or hold it.

Do I need to pay for a Dragonglass token transaction?

Yes, in order to make a transaction, you will have to pay for it with Ethereum cryptocurrency.

How fast are the transactions?

The speed of transactions depends on the amount that you’re willing to spend as transaction fee. The speed also depends on the state of the Ethereum network – if the network is unclogged, transactions take no more than a couple of minutes.

Can I sell or exchange Dragonglass tokens?
Is there a fee for receiving Dragonglass tokens?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to receive DGS.

Should I sell or hold Dragonglass tokens?

It is your decision.

Currently I don’t have any bitcoin or ethereum. How can I buy Dragonglass?
What good does Dragonglass token do besides being a mineable cryptocurrency?

Dragonglass is much more than just another cryptocurrency. Besides gamified mining, the Dragonglass smartphone app provides a secure and easy-to-use functionality for holding DGS and ETH tokens.

Questions about business model and use cases
Why is Dragonglass unique?

It is the only cryptocurrency that can be mined while playing a game. It means you don’t need deep expertise, expensive hardware or vast financial resources to start mining cryptocurrency. Your smartphone and Dragonglass app will do. It is the only solution that offers you a possibility to seamlessly mine cryptocurrency while playing fun and exciting mobile game.

What kind of problem does Dragonglass solve?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are innovations that, in theory, should make financial transactions easier, faster and more secure. However, just like the Internet in its early days, cryptocurrencies are still too complicated, too time consuming and too unfriendly for mass adoption. To mine cryptocurrency you usually need extensive knowledge, expensive hardware or even programing skills. All of this is no longer necessary with Dragonglass as it provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone. You can seamlessly mine Dragonglass tokens while playing an engaging mobile game about mining.

Why should I buy and mine Dragonglass tokens?
  1. You will be able to mine cryptocurrency right away – the only thing you’ll need is your smartphone. No expensive mining hardware, no deep knowledge in computing, no huge electricity bills.
  2. You will be able to earn up to 10x tokens you’ve initially bought. This is pretty amazing, actually.
  3. You’ll have lots of fun while playing the Dragonglass miner game
  4. During the TGE we plan to develop and release more Dragonglass games. You will be able to use your Dragonglass tokens while playing them
Is DGS utility token?

Yes, it is. See: Q: What is Dragonglass?

Is there a whitelist or pre-sale?

No, there’s no whitelist or pre-sale.

Who are the team members of Dragonglass?

Dragonglass team consists of 13 members and 5 advisors. They are highly skilled experts in programing, business development, copywriting, design.

Honestly guys, are you a scam?

No. We are real, experienced and hard-working people, determined to make cryptocurrency mining easy and fun. You can see our whitepaper, team members’ and advisors’ profiles at dragonglass.com. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or issues.

Where can I find your whitepaper?
How can I become part of the Dragonglass community?
Will you be working on the project after the token sale?

Yes we will.

Other questions
Is Dragonglass hiring?

We’re planning to do so in the near future. Check for updates and announcements if interested.

How can I contact you to suggest translation, to report a bug or security issue, etc?

Please contact us via support[-at-]dragonglass.com

General questions
What is blockchain?

Blockchain is an algorithm and distributed data structure for managing digital transactions among anonymous users, that works without a central administration. Simply put, blockchain technology allows cryptocurrency users to make direct, safe and anonymous digital money transactions to one another without banks controlling them.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies represent digital money created to be anonymous and secure. Cryptocurrencies operate by using cryptography – a technique for secure transfer and storage of information. In contrast to traditional currencies like U.S. dollars or euros, cryptocurrencies have no physical form, as they are used only virtually. Instead of being backed by governments, cryptocurrencies are backed by their respective blockchain networks. Simply put, cryptocurrencies are entries in databases that are spread across these networks. The structure of blockchain and algorithms prevent falsifying these entries. Created with cryptography, the entries are secured with mathematics, not people.

What are altcoins?

Altcoins are cryptocurrency coins that are an alternative to Bitcoin. The vast majority of altcoins are based on publicly available open source Bitcoin code, and created by altering it to have unique features.

What is token?

Token is a representation of a digital asset or utility that usually works on top of another blockchain. Tokens can represent any asset (not just financial) that can be transferable as data.

Is there a difference between cryptocurrency coins (altcoins) and tokens?

There is. The main difference is that cryptocurrency coins have their own blockchains while tokens operate on top of existing blockchains.

What is utility token?

Utility token is a digital token that provides its users with future access to a product or service.

Are utility tokens used as cryptocurrencies?

Most of them but not all.

What is the purpose of cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency mining validates transactions between cryptocurrency owners. It is a very important part of blockchain technology, allowing it to operate without any central authority like a bank.

How does traditional cryptocurrency mining work?

Cryptocurrencies run on blockchains, which are shared virtual documents, duplicated multiple times across a vast network of computers. Every transaction and ownership of a cryptocurrency is recorded in these blockchains. The transactions in blockchains are made available by miners performing sophisticated calculations with powerful computers. In return for these calculations, miners are then rewarded with cryptocurrencies they mine.

What is an ICO?

An ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering, which is a popular way to crowdfund blockchain-based projects by releasing new digital tokens to fund project development.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet, similar to a physical wallet, is used to carry (store) money. However, in cryptocurrency wallets, instead of carrying physical money, people store cryptocurrencies that are virtual. One can store, send and receive cryptocurrency from his/her own cryptocurrency wallet. There are various cryptocurrency wallets coming in different forms: mobile, online, hardware and even paper ones.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet address?

It is an address (public key) of a cryptocurrency wallet. Its function is similar to a bank account number. It’s a unique combination of letters and numbers that can be safely given to the third parties in order to receive cryptocurrency. The address can also be represented as a QR code.

What is a private key?

A private key is a form of cryptography that allows a user to access his/her cryptocurrency. It helps to protect users from theft and unauthorized access to their cryptocurrency. Private keys should be at all times held in highest secrecy and never disclosed to the third parties.

What is Proof of Work (PoW) mining?

Proof of Work in blockchain is competition between miners to solve mathematical puzzles and find correct answers (hashes). The competition is used to verify cryptocurrency transactions between cryptocurrency owners within their respective blockchains. The miners who find (compute) the hash first, get rewarded with the cryptocurrency they mine. The PoW method requires powerful computing and consumes considerable amount of electricity. Because of energy-hungry winner-takes-all type of competition, PoW method is expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

What is Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining?

In contrast to the Proof-of-Work method, with Proof-of-Stake, miners don’t need to use powerful computing or solve any puzzles in order to verify cryptocurrency transactions. Instead of calculating hashes, miners need to prove how much cryptocurrency they own. Before verifying transactions with the PoS, the miner agrees to lock up a certain amount of cryptocurrency in a computer that’s called a ‘master node’ to prove that he/she has it in the first place. Mining rewards are then distributed according to how much cryptocurrency (proof of stake) one has. A PoS miner can create multiple master nodes with large amounts of locked cryptocurrency and earn more by using this tactic. Because the PoS requires insignificant computing power, there are significant advantages of PoS over PoW that include security, reduced risk of centralization and energy efficiency.