Dragonglass Hub

a single companion app to handle all blockchain gaming operations

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Minimizing entry barriers

There is no way to easily authenticate into a stand-alone game with the crypto wallet. When every game asks to import a private key, the player’s experience is distrusted - not to mention how much each developer has to invest in the game security. To solve this problem, we are building Dragonglass Hub - a multipurpose application for Dragonglass Ecosystem users. It is designed to reduce the entry barrier for non-blockchain users and include everything they need for the pleasant blockchain gaming experience.


Build-in wallet

Application not only will be able to show the current status of users Ethereum account details - Ethereum and DGS amount – but also to see the user's game assets (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155). In order to allow users tracking other funds easily, the wallet will feature detailed transaction history. In addition to a regular blockchain transaction information, reports will include information on transaction purpose and the receiver’s name - this will make all blockchain processes easier for the non-experienced users.


Action confirmation

The requirement to enter a mnemonic passphrase or a private key just to play a game is frustrating. Furthermore, it puts casual gamers off the blockchain gaming. Dragonglass Hub will reduce all authorization and authentication actions to a simple entry of a PIN. Every time an authorization, a sign in or transaction signing is needed, a Dragonglass Hub PIN entry screen will pop-up. Signing in to a Dragonglass game will be as easy as signing in with a Facebook account to a third party service. At the same time, Dragonglass understands the crucial importance of security and will exploit the best practices to keep the users’ data safe and encrypted on their devices and Dragonglass servers.


Inventory for cross-game items

As blockchain games are driven by their items, we made sure that Dragonglass Hub is a convenient way of surfing your inventory. Obviously, like any other product by Dragonglass, companion application will also have the support of cross-game items. Cross-game items use a single ERC1155 token to record ownership over a set of items from different games. It allows clever and unusual game design decisions and makes blockchain gaming more entertaining. Players’ drive to play will be multiplied as they recognize that their in-game progress is connected between different games in an unpredictable way.



The marketplaces for in-game items have already proven to be the important feature for any game as it strengthens the connection between the player and the game. The rise of blockchain gaming is another proof for that. However, the trading of in-game assets requires a well-built and well-designed marketplace. Dragonglass Hub will feature exactly this kind of trading environment. All transactions will be made with DGS utility token with no need to leave the application. Convenience, especially for the non-experienced blockchain users, is a priority for us – that’s why we aim to design our marketplace as simple and easy, as it can be.


Stay in touch with other players

The main purpose of a game is to bring joy to its players. Hence, it is crucial to have a strong community in order to strengthen the bond between the game and the players. Dragonglass Hub will feature a news feed where players are introduced to all the major information relevant to the games they play. The news feed will be also used as a mean of promotion other games and as a reminder to players of the awesome games they haven't played for a while.