Dragonglass Platform

toolkit and cloud service for the easy and affordable building of blockchain games

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Dragonglass Cloud

Dragonglass Cloud is a cloud service for game backend designed specially for the development of blockchain games for any platform, implementing ETR protocol and Transaction Relay architecture. This service allows the seamless management of the backend data and logic. It is often hard (especially for the newcomer developers) to start developing their first product: rolling out servers, creating logging, configuration and management systems requires lots of resources and knowledge. Dragonglass covers all of the routine backend work - databases, cloud computing, account system, analytics and custom logic with JavaScript - all of these will be available out of the box.

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Unity SDK

Unity SDK is a collection of source code examples and libraries built on top of the C# SDK for the Unity projects allowing the 3rd party developers to tap into the Dragonglass Platform. It greatly reduces development time and allows to produce a better product much faster. It also reduces mental pressure on developers, as a developer does not need to learn many different tools and roll out his own solutions to already solved problems.

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ETR Protocol

Ethereum Transaction Retransmission (ETR) protocol allows developing a game of any genre that is fast, cost-efficient and does not require building custom blockchains or sidechains. This communication architecture could be described as a load and storage distribution between a centralized server and the Ethereum blockchain. Less important data is handled by the cloud server, while essential information is stored on the blockchain. For example, the start of the game session and the collection of resources is handled by the server. Contrary to that, the fact of purchase and ownership of a collectible skin is stored on the blockchain.

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Cross-game items

One of the great features, that blockchain adds to the game industry, is a cross-game item concept: an item received in one game can be used in multiple ones because its ownership is validated on the blockchain. It will drastically expand the way players perceive the multi-game universes. Players’ drive to play will be multiplied as they recognize that their in-game progress is connected between different games in an unpredictable way. Hence, players will be driven by curiosity to explore the result of their progress. Full support of ERC-1155 based cross-game items is a high priority for the Dragonglass Platform.