Starter Path

Welcome to the Starter Path guide to buying and mining Dragonglass (DSG) tokens.

To start mining Dragonglass you first need to buy DGS tokens. You can do this with Ether (ETH) or euros. Before participating in Dragonglass token sale, make sure that you have a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you export your private key.

Please do not use any wallets that do not let you export the private key (for example Enjin Wallet, Coinomi), as Dragonglass Miner app needs private key to make DGS transactions in order to mine the tokens. We do not store private keys.

Do not use smart contracts or exchanges (such as COINBASE), as your funds will be lost. In addition, do not use custodial wallets such as Freewallet, since custodial wallets hold up your Dragonglass tokens and this way you will lose your funds. We cannot provide refunds if you will not follow this disclaimer.


Begin by visiting Dragonglass token sale website: and agreeing with Dragonglass token sale terms and conditions:

Screenshot of form on Dragonglass TGE Website, "Less than 10 ETH" section

Choose the payment method you prefer. You can pay with ETH or euros.

a) If you pay with ETH (less than 10 ETH worth of Dragonglass tokens):

Enter your email address and your public wallet address (ask for assistance in our Telegram community in case you are not sure how to create a cryptocurrency wallet or your wallet might not be compatible with Dragonglass) and press Send.

Main page of Dragonglass TGE Website

On the next screen you will be shown the address of Dragonglass ICO smart contract. This is the address to which you need to transfer your ETH to buy Dragonglass tokens (the minimum amount is 0.05 ETH). When you do that, you will automatically receive DGS tokens to your wallet.

b) If you choose to pay with euros via bank transfer

Since the price of Dragonglass tokens is bound to the price of Ethereum’s ether at 1 DGS = 0.000027 ETH, before sending Euros please check the price of Ether for that day.

Purchasing DGS tokens via bank transfer will require to fill this info:
Screenshot of form on Dragonglass TGE Website, "Bank transfer" sectionThis information is required for us in order to comply with standard legal procedure in European Union called “Know Your Customer” or KYC, which is the process of identifying and verifying the identity of clients. After you’ve successfully submitted the data, you will be provided with payment details. Once your bank transfer has cleared and your KYC procedure was confirmed by our team, you will be contacted by one of our team members, who will walk you through the rest of process. Minimum contribution in Euros is 99 EUR.

c) If you would like to buy more than 10 ETH worth of Dragonglass tokens
Purchasing DGS tokens worth more than 10 ETH will require to fill the same information as in the case of bank transfer.


After you have received the DGS tokens to your wallet

Make sure you have DGS tokens and some ETH in your wallet. It is necessary since ETH is used to pay Gas for DGS token transactions. Download the Dragonglass Miner app from Google Play. Open the app, enter your private key and your wallet’s password.



2 Phones running Dragonglass Miner

Press MINE, and now you should be able to mine 10x your initial DGS tokens!